Meditation + Tea started as a vision in 2018 when two holistic practitioners in Detroit met up and decided to join forces. Over a delicious cup of tea and self-affirming conversation they discovered their passion for meditation, herbal tea, and building community for women of color for their self-care and healing. Soon after they held their very first Meditation + Tea event on MLK Day in 2019. Since then the group has steadily grown each month, expanded into a herbal tea line, and more growth is expected in 2020. 

Our Herstory

our Founders
Stephanie Lopez Gilmore

Stephanie is a Hormonologist (Holistic Women's  Hormonal Health Expert). She has a passion for helping women tap into their feminine Devine energy, heal their womb space, and revitalize their health though nutrition, herbs, and  mindfulness. 

Ursula Graham

Ursula is a Clinical Counselor, Creator, Narrator, and Joy Cultivator. She infuses storytelling, the arts, and holistic healing into therapy, helping women explore their hearts, get rooted in resilience, and become fearless in their evolution. She is committed to uplifting the voices and stories of women of color, and creating brave, sacred, spaces for their whole-selves.